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THANK YOU so much for your gracious invitation to have Naim Collins minister in your area. He is tremendously honored and thankful for your consideration and request. As a kingdom ministry, we prayerfully consider every invitation that we receive. Whenever God sends a prophetic ministry into an area or a region it would be a blessing if the host church could invite as many churches, leaders and people as possible to join in on the event in order for the region to be greatly impacted as possible by the word of the Lord that in the mouth of the prophet that can shift and transform your lives by the move of the Holy Spirit in seasons and moments of God.

Please review the following guidelines to assist you in scheduling Prophet Naim Collins for your next event. Below, you will find a form to fill out as a formal invitation. This information helps us as we prayerfully consider the scheduling of Naim Collins’ itinerary. While it is a great honor to be invited to your event, however due to the large number of requests it would be impossible for him to accept every invitation submitted.

All ministry inquiries and request are submitted with prayerful consideration and accepted upon the leading of the Holy Spirit Please find some helpful guidelines to strongly consider as you submit your ministry request form below:

Airfare, food, and lodging expenses are to be covered by the hosting church/organization/coordinator; anything beyond this, such as an honorarium, is welcomed. Naim Collins materials, such as products, cds, dvd, books and teachings, will be sent to each event as we want this kingdom message accessible to conference delegates. To make this possible, we request the hosting church or organization provide both an appropriate location and personnel to manage and conduct purchases at no expense to Naim Collins Ministries. Again, thank you for the honor and privilege of to being part of what God is doing in your city, region or nation.

How to Invite Naim Collins

Some helpful guidelines to consider as you submit this form below:

• Please include date, time and type of event you are hosting, in your Invitation. If you have flexibility with your date, include that information as well in the event that your first choice is not available.

 • Due to the volume of requests Prophet Naim Collins receives, only Letters of Invitation submitted by email or mail will be accepted.

 • All responses to Letters/email of Invitations will be handled either via phone or email.

Step One

Please submit a formal Letter of Invitation on church/ministry letterhead by mail to:

              Naim Collins Ministries, P.O BOX 25225 Wilmington, DE 19899

Step Two

Click on the flowing links below to download the PDF from for the type if invite you require.

Speaking Engagement Request FormProphetic Training Request

Thank you for your interest in the prophetic ministry of Naim Collins. Please review following guidelines to help assist you in scheduling Naim Collins for your next event.